Design of the branding and apparel for the esports team EXPLORER Singapore by SCOGA.

EXPLORER is not just an esports team brand, but a lifestyle philosophy that local/regional gamers and non-gamers can relate to, get behind and feel proud to be part of.

Design of the logo and visual system for the team, the academy and the community project around it. Creation of a modular pictogram system allowing the team to grow in different disciplines and different countries.

Done at OuterEdit
Creative Direction: Ryan Tan
Art Direction: Leslie Guidez
Branding and collateral design: Leslie Guidez
Singapore, 2021

Design de l’identité visuelle et de l’uniforme de l’équipe de esport EXPLORER Singapore par SCOGA.

Design du logo et du système graphique pour l’équipe, l’académie et le projet communautaire qui l’entoure. Création d’un système de pictogrammes modulaires permettant à l’équipe d’évoluer dans diverses disciplines et différents pays.

Réalisé à OuterEdit. Singapour, 2021

Explorer Singapore

The badge conveys the spirit of the team by showcasing the community
aspect of EXPLORER like a scout reference in a modern shape exploration.
The text can evolve to fit the different aspects of the brand: team, community & esports academy.
Where fluidity is needed, the XPLR brand visual system may
be expanded to showcase a range of unique ‘X-factor elements’.

These alternate X-Factor symbols can be used to represent a new team, country or game etc.

In-game branding adaptations
Team apparel and community merch