Fri 7th
June 2019

Second day was a very exciting one. It started with the 2 hour, highly popular workshop by Chris Do, awarded designer and founder of the online teaching solution, The Futur. Finding your Super Power workshop was all about finding what makes you you, how to embrace it, make the most of it and eventually find the dream job/project that will allow you to be your fullself. The main exercice took place on the yellow sheet but we also came across the impostor syndrom, the struggle we all feel in our everyday hustle and sharing our day to day experience with others. After this amazing experience, I headed to the Awesome Merch booth where I got to silkprint my own festival tote ! Woot woot, very fun as well. At the BCU Steam House, we were very lucky to meet Felix and Toby from Moo who talked to us about their love of paper, good client service and how the quality of their product led them to the Moo success story we all know. Then Jon Marshall from Pentagram exchanged on how to do your part in saving the planet starting with the way you design your product, how to use alternative materials and how to reduce waste.

Micheal Johnson from Johnson Banks gave us some tips from his book Now Try Something Weirder on surviving the creative world and keep having good ideas by trying to see things from a different angle.
The Main Event that night was a glorious mash-up of people working in the movie industry, starting with Minalima Design studio who did all Harry Potter’s and Fantastic Beasts’ graphic props during twenty years. Then we had the luck to assist the most energic talk ever by JamFactory also known as Gavin Strange from Aardman Animations, on making the most with who you are and the 24 hours you have every day. Funny gifs and awesome videos were definitely on board ! Then Erica Dorn told us how she got the job on Isle of dogs as the lead graphic designer and how this experience gave her new career perspectives. And finally Mike McGee from Framestore took us through all the postprod magic happening this days in the movie industry with visual effects, virtual reality and CGI characters, making us believe so hard that we cry when Dobby dies in Harry Potter !
That was all for Day 2 but it definitely wasn’t the end !


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